Cheap Shots and Low Blows 6

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CAST: Gregory Edwards,Danny Duggan

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 7/15/2017

Return to our popular Cheap Shots and Low Blows series, with big Danny Duggan, a thick, fair-haired, deep-voiced warrior. This guy's not worried about silly definition, he's all strength, like a gladiator, or a wall of solid rock.

Newcomer Gregory Edwards must be out of his mind to face this human monolith in his first match with us...or is he? Edwards is a big man in his own right, and in possession of an easygoing temperament and winning smile. These guys jump right in.

It's no surprise when Duggan wraps his strong, bone-crushing arms around Edward's torso, lifting his booted feet off the floor and squeezing one surprised opponent as hard as he can. To see such big guys lifting one another is an inspiring sight for sure, and it's clear from Edwards' reaction he's not accustomed to leaving the ground involuntarily. But in less than three minutes Duggan finds his head clamped between Edwards' thighs of steel, his package pummeled, his back brutalized by elbows, and his protesting frame locked in a camel clutch worth writing home over.

"You're good...real good," admits Duggan.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," Edwards says with that already classic smile.

If you think the sight of big guys leaving the ground is inspiring, you'll love the sight of big guys rolling around on top of each other in a truly desperate bid for top position. Legs lock around torsos from behind, forcing the fighters to zero in on a struggle of fingers and hands that somehow ends with Edwards flat on his back, legs spread apart, while Duggan crushes his opponent's balls with his pearly white boots.

Let the crotch abuse begin!

"I came here for a clean wrestling fight," says Duggan, teeth gritted. "You wanna wrestle dirty? Let's wrestle dirty!"

Big muscular ass-to-ass, these guys tangle at the legs, kicking and stomping, clutching the ropes for support like a completely useless lifeline. The action is completely back-and-forth, complete with begging and pleading, and the most agonizing figure four you've ever seen.

The match ends with one man lording his victory over another, but will it be the deep-voiced veteran of the ring, or our skillful newcomer?