I'll Make You Suffer 10

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CAST: Brian Rich, Rhett Titus

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 1/17/2017

There can be no greater threat than the simple phrase “I’ll make you suffer…”, especially when those words come from the mouth of a muscle-bound monster like werewolf incarnate Rhett Titus, clearly separated from his pack. But even Titus’ strength and stamina are challenged by the likes of one Brian Rich. We’ve said it before, there’s just something off about this hunk...that crooked smile...that demented laugh. Brian Rich is a glutton for pain, punishment, and threats. Violence gets him off, and he's about to get his wish.

Today we find poor, pathetic Rich mumbling like Gollum in a cage. Eyes bulging, mouth agape, like some sort of abused pet in this wrestletopia we know so well. Would you open that cage and let him out? Careful, this prettyboy brawler is so much more than he appears to be.

“Do you talk?” Titus asks, approaching the cage with caution. “Say any words? Do you bite?”

“Wanna play?” the crazed creature asks. Yeah, Titus wants to play…boot to the jaw! Heel to the chest. Rich responds with a poorly placed fist to the groin that inspires Titus to shove him into a corner and pull his hair, then pull him into a full carry with Rich’s arms and legs wrapped tightly around the lone wolf like a koala around a tree trunk. Rich throws his head back and laughs, a creature of darkness getting his fondest desire.

Soon they’re rolling and writhing, the wolf and the creature, each one fired up by the others mania and masochism!