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CAST: Brian Rich, Jimmy Jacobs

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 9/9/2015

Brian Rich looks perfect as he eagerly awaits his opponent in the darkened wrestling ring in his miniscule blue speedo that struggles to contain the hot wrestler`s assets. At first glance, he`s everything you`d want to take on in a hot fight. Perfectly proportioned, with tight, lean abs and a clean-cut attractiveness unmarred by modest ink on arms and shoulders. This is the man you`d want to roll around with, feeling the pressure of his body crushing yours in a battle of wills. But there`s something off about this hunk...that crooked smile...that demented laugh. Brian Rich is a glutton for pain, punishment, and threats. Violence gets him off, and he`s about to get his wish.Jimmy Jacobs - a bigmouth brawler with miles of strut in him - slides into the ring, challenging Rich. Jacobs and Rich are close in size, but the similarities end there. While Rich is clean-cut and cute, Jacobs is a stubbly, grungy badass with streaks of red in his tangled raven mane, as well as glinting nipple piercings and a dog chain around his neck. Jacobs practically screams sex with every step he takes. Every move, jab, jump could be calculated to cause ample arousal, yet Jacobs` appeal comes naturally to him.The face-off begins with insults, followed quickly by a sharp, openhanded slap fight that quickly escalates into a pushing and shoving match. Each strike and shove only seems to motivate Rich, making him laugh, daring Jacobs to give him more.Jacobs responds with a crushing headlock that Rich quickly returns, muscling Jacobs to his knees while enduring at attack to his tight abs."Is that as far as you can go?" Rich demands through gritted teeth as Jacobs wrenches his arms behind his back. Expressions of pain are written across Rich`s face as he dares his opponent to hurt him even more."Say it to the mat, bitch!" Jacobs barks, placing a white booted foot on Rich`s head and slowly forcing his face into the floor while still twisting his arms roughly behind his back.The boys break out the bitch moves, as Jacobs attempt to rip off Rich`s ear. Rich responds by pinching Jacobs` right nipple between thumb and forefinger and twisting with all his might. But it`s not enough! Both nipples are attacked at the same time, as Rich practically yanks Jacobs up on his tiptoes while brutalizing those pierced nipples in a way that makes Jacobs squint and strain."If you squeeze any harder, I`m gonna punch you in your fucking face!" Jacobs cries in fury. Rich twists and squeezes that much harder, before clamping his enemy in a bone crushing bear-hug that lifts badass Jacobs off the ground.Time to tangle, as backs are bent and brutalized, fingers are ground into the mat, stomped, and even bitten!"How do I taste, Jimmy?" asks Rich after being bitten."Like you fight," says Jacobs. "Shitty!"Now the men are sweating, struggling, and rolling around of the floor in a glorious exchange of pain and punishment, filled with submissions, trash talk, and cries of total agony. Yet another open-handed slap fight only makes one man beg for more, and he gets much more! Get ready for an astonishing figure four head scissor, complete with further trash talk and full body slams. Powerful legs crush torsos, electric tape binds wrists and gags mouths, as one hunk crushes another with the full weight of his body while ordering the other man to "shut the fuck up" in an epic example of truly punishing domination.One man enjoys pain. Another loves dishing it out. It`s a match made in wrestling heaven, as these two tough toms squeeze and strangle one another from one end of the mat to another. Which man will emerge victorious? Find out now in the newest title from our ever popular I`ll Make You Suffer series?