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CAST: Nick Blackwell,Nick Justice

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 5/1/2016

Fresh from the farm, or so he says, Nick Blackwell is a long-haired hunk ready to hogtie and horrify bearded Nick Justice in a binding bull rope match.

It begins with a gentlemanly invitation extended by a soft spoken Blackwell, standing tall and statuesque in the ring, his impressive pectorals casting shadows, that tawny mane catching the light. Tattooed Justice seems intrigued, despite making every effort to assert himself as nobody's bitch.

"I was actually about to extend an invitation for you to step in here," says Blackwell, with a toss of his lion's mane. "If you want to get in here and get tied up."

"Nick/Nick bull rope match?" asks Justice, sliding into the ring.

Um...yes please.

The challenge, the's all there, but expressed in subtle comments that could be misunderstood. There's simmering anger between these two, and the ever present need for one man to dominate another. This is one match-up where the verbal aspects are just as intense as the physical. There's chemistry here, and a very real struggle for one Nick to be the best Nick around.

The tug of war begins, all too soon devolving into a slugfest that involves a suddenly sadistic Justice smacking the hell out of Blackwell with the rope. Blackwell is thrown off by this for no more than a moment, slithering out of the ring and yanking Justice onto the floor with him. The battle continues in the darkened spaces below the ring, where light and shadow contour the expressive musculature of these two hard-bodies in artistic ways.

Back in the ring, the war rages on, as men are strangled, strapped to the corners, and dragged from one end of the ring to the other, booted feet kicking wildly.

Just wait until one fighter is literally made to take the rope in his mouth like a horse and ridden in a rodeo variation of a camel clutch that will have you gagging. Ankles are bound together, sleepers are applied, and strangely, songs are sung in fleeting efforts to ignore the agonizing pain, all while both guys refer to each other as "bitch" with all the maturity of a couple of arguing adolescents.

Headlocks, hair pulling, scissor holds...all illustrated with the additional flair of what seems like miles of rope, and two Nicks with a score to settle, ending when Nick is hogtied and left alone in the ring...but which Nick will it be?

It's Nick vs. Nick, in Pro Rodeo 4.