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CAST: Nick Justice, Jimmy Stanton

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 1/16/2017

Guy Next Door Nick Justice always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He raises a quizzical brow at the length of bull rope that seems to be waiting for him in the center of the ring. Jimmy Stanton appears, running his mouth as usual. Somewhere in there the bull rope battling beast manages to convince the callow kid to strap that rope to his wrist and engage in a full on bull rope rodeo fight.

They circle one another like gladiators in the arena, all bravado and maybe a twinge of uncertainty, until Stanton forces Justice into the corner and brutalizes his tender abdominal area, leaving the kid winded and weakened. Suddenly both men are entangled in one another’s arms and legs, rope adding leverage for one, pain for another as circulation is cut off in various vital places.

Stanton finds himself being rope-wipped until he cries like a baby, only to have his windpipe all but crushed until his voice is reduced to a helium-like tone. Justice has had enough, suddenly releasing the raging bull he’s been concealing, using the ropes to his advantage to flip and fluster Stanton, who finds himself wrapped up like a maypole, then unraveled like so he’s made to spin like a muscular top.

Watch as these big, sweaty badass dudes gleefully torment one another in our sixth Pro Rodeo feature to date, which leaves one bewildered bud gagging on some nasty bull rope!