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CAST: Jimmy Jacobs, Chasyn Rance

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 10/3/2018

Jimmy Jacobs is easily one of the most vivid personalities in wrestling today. There’s simply nobody like him, and he own that distinction with every movement and word...with every nipple piercing and leg warmer...with every headband and hairstyle. Chasyn Rance is a vision of flawless hotness in tropical speedos and glossy wrestling boots. Two men. Bull rope. Tape. Just wait…

“King of the Rodeo Match, that’s me,” brags Jacobs, as the two cocky studs banter like an old married couple while securing their wrists with rope and tape. It’s a tangled web, as these pros tie each other up and down, legs entwined, sweat intermingling, pain evenly exchanged. Is there anything more glorious than two scrappers hurting each other equally at the same time, both heads thrown back as they roar in mutual agony? One combatant gets ridden like a bronk. It’s a cavalcade of choking and roping in one pro rode match you do NOT want to miss!