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CAST: Brett Barnes ,Cameron Matthews ,Davey Richards ,Fade ,J.D. Michaels ,Jd Michaels ,Jimmy Jacobs ,Kidd Usa ,Kurt Sterling ,Marek Brave ,Matt Sydal ,Nelson Creed ,ROB ANTHONY ,Robert Anthony ,Scotty Mac ,Tyler Black

DIRECTOR: Taylor Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 10/9/2006

MATCH 1 - TYLER BLACK/6`1"/202 lbs VS MAREK BRAVE/6`0"/ 195 lbs. Back from CF 101, longhairs Black and Brave have another go at each other. So evenly matched they could be brothers. Both experienced, they exhibit some big time pro worthy wrestling. But Brave bests Black with an easy surprise roll over pin.MATCH 2 - CAMERON MATTHEWS/5`11"/186 lbs VS KIDD U.S. A./5`10"/200 lbs. From long hairs in Match 1 to clean cuts in Match 2, both Matthews and Kidd look like Marine recruits. In this bout of pretty evenly matched skills, it`s the bigger Kidd that objects to a very fast 3 count in favor of Matthews.MATCH 3 -TAG TEAM - BRETT BARNES /5`8"/190 lbs & MAT SYDAL /5`9/ 173 lbs VS KURT STERLING / 6`1"/222 lbs & ROBERT ANTHONY/6`4"/212 lbs. This tag team match between Barnes & Sydal VS Sterling & Anthony delivers high level action from four skilled CF veterans. And these pros shine. This match is too good to reveal the winners, but you won`t be disappointed in any way.MATCH 4 - FADE/6`10"/220 lbs VS DAVEY RICHARDS / 5`8"/196 lbs. Both CF vets. Both show offs. And both skilled wrestlers, Fade and Richards always deliver hard action entertainment. Both wrestlers take immediate issue with the other wearing trunks that read MUSCLE across his ass . But after some impressive wrestling from both men, it`s Richards that can claim Best Muscle Butt.MATCH 5 - 3-WAY - CAMERON MATTHEWS / 5`11"/ 186 lbs VS KURT STERLING / 6`1"/222 lbs VS SCOTTY MAC / 5`9"/191 lbs. Love him or hate him, it`s always showtime when the Mac is back. In over the top mischievious behavior, this match`s first fall is actually between Scotty Mac and the referee. A substitue ref has to be brought in for the match to continue. Matthews takes the brunt of lots of double team brutality from Mac and Sterling. With Cameron out of the way, the match is ultimately between the two of them. And the win is a difficult one.MATCH 6 - BRETT BARNES / 5`8"/190 lbs VS NELSON CREED /6`1"/ 227 lbs. These two grapplers really test each others` skills and endurance. Looking like brothers....almost twins, you must depend on their trunks colors to tell them apart when the action accellerates. But when the dust settles, it`s Nelson Creed that emerges the victor from this match`s razzle dazzle.match 7 - J.D. MICHAELS / 5`10" /200 lbs VS JIMMY JACOBS / 5`8" / 175 lbs. Resembling WWE`s Shawn Michaels (could they be related?), J.D. goes on the attack for Jacobs who seems to have lost his nipple rings from CF 100. But J.D. spends to much attention to the camera and not enough time to his opponent. He loses.As always Cyberfights 102 delivers high flying, continuous action, arena quality, pro action entertaiment that is simply unavailable from any other company.