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CAST: Fade, Ice, Johnny Handsome, Kidd USA, Marek Brave, Robert Anthony, Scotty Mac, Tarantula, Tyler Black, Zero X

DIRECTOR: Taylor Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014

MATCH 1: SCOTTY MAC VS ICEMATCH 2: TYLER BLACK VS FADEMATCH 3: ROBERT ANTHONY VS KIDD USA VS SCOTTY MACMATCH 4: BRETT BARNES VS ZERO XMATCH 5: MAREK BRAVE VS ICEMATCH 6: JOHNNY HANDSOME VS FADEMATCH 7: TARANTULA VS SCOTTY MACCyberfights...this is what it`s all about. Big, beefy, beautiful bodies jumping, leaping, hurdling, hammering, pounding, brutalizing. A more diverse team of titans you can`t imagine, and they could beat and batter each other all the livelong day!These guys are truly at war, in a battle of slick, sweaty lock-ups, flips, falls, and more.Scotty Mac and Ice tear into each other like true pros. These fighters could pass for any ordinary guys on the street. But once shirts are off and egos are bared, we know we`re in the middle of an epic battle between hot, trained fighters. Scotty Mac is a boastful brute with pecs that cast shadows, while Ice is a yellow-haired hellion. In the ring, they defy gravity, leave bruises, and take no prisoners.Tyler Black is a glossy black speedo wearing, long haired Tarzan of a man, dripping wet and threatening his opponent with athletic flips, and dazzling viewers with his killer ass. His opponent, Fade, is a rock hard, bald, tattooed sex god who fancies himself an impressive fighter by way of his uncanny coordination and trash talking abilities.Three-way matches make way for such ring-worthy talents as Robert Anthony and Kidd USA, as well as the return of Scotty Mac, who brandishes his victory belt with pride for all to see. This triple match-up feels like watching your three favorite football players going at each other in too-tight red or white shorts, with three-way finger locks and flying kicks. The ring trembles under their collected weight."Whaddya say?" demands Scotty Mac, of a headlocked Robert Anthony."I hate you!" Anthony roars. "And your haircut!"Brett Barnes takes on Zero X. One man is big, beefy, and straight out of a football fantasy. One man is slight and stringy, with long hair spilling over his shoulders. Both men are beasts in the ring. The question of who will win lingers in the air from the very first lock-up to the very last backbreaker/scissor hold that reduces one man to a groaning, pleading pussy.Prettyboy Tarantula takes on big-mouthed Merek Brave and Ice in yet another explosive three-way match that features a surprise victory and leaves one man crying like a baby. Johnny Handsome takes on Fade in a match were two majestic men truly test the limits of pain and suffering. Finally, we get Scotty Mac and Tarantula back one more time to take on long haired Mr. Replay in a match that features one impressive combination after another.If you appreciate hot, swarthy men, and astonishing athleticism, this is the shoot for you!