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CAST: Bo Conroy, Brandon James, Cameron Matthews , Dan Huse, Johnny Chan, Kyle Jefferson, Nick Jackson, Ricky Mandel, Ronnie Tsunami (Brandon Cutler), Ryan Taylor, Scorpio Sky, Zac Morris

DIRECTOR: Taylor Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014

MATCH 1: KYLE JEFFERSON VS JOHNNY CHANMATCH 2: DAN HUSE VS KYLE JEFFERSONMATCH 3: KYLE JEFFERSON VS ZAC MORRISMATCH 4: BRANDON JAMES VS JOHNNY CHANMATCH 5: DAN HUSE VS JOHNNY CHAN VS KYLE JEFFERSONMATCH 6: ZAC MORRIS VS JOHNNY CHANMATCH 7: BO CONROY VS KYLE JEFFERSONCyberfights takes it to the next level, and steps outside of it`s comfort zone for an all new adventure in wild, wild wrestling. What sets this shoot apart from so many that proceeded it? Simple: No ring! That`s right. Our all-star wrestlers are taking their impressive moves to a sexier, darker space that provides plenty of room for one hard fought fight after another. The first of which is a classic short vs. tall match.Tight-bodied Johnny Chan takes on lean and lanky Kyle Jefferson, AKA "the swimmer", who enters sporting swimmer`s gear and goggles. Both sport short-cropped hair, and fill the space with youthful jabs and ego, ego, ego."S`up, Fish stick?" asks Chan, mocking the incoming Jefferson. Chan is unintimidated by the obvious size difference between himself and the much taller Jefferson. They circle, dare each other to make a move, until finally they`re shoving and grappling and tumbling to the floor in a mass of lean, strong legs and tattooed arms. Firm chests and abs grind together in that first clattering fall. That`s the difference made by the absence of a ring. Without ropes encircling the fighters, they are forced to rely less on pageantry and aerial leaps, and more on pure body-to-body grappling.The Swimmer trades his bright red speedo for a baby blue one before taking on powerfully built Dan Huse, who enters the fighting space with the words "MUSCLE" printed on his trunks. Huse is built like a brick house, with massive pectorals and mammoth arms. It`s the broad badass against the skinny lad, but the immediate upper hand in this match goes to the least likely combatant. The holds in this match are long-held and excruciatingly sexy.Jefferson returns for yet another size discrepancy match-up, this time with small, but strong Zac Morris. Looking nothing like the character from Saved By The Bell, Morris is tan and tight, with a mop of dark, curly hair and an alluring torso and legs."Don`t make me ride you like a surfboard again," taunts Jefferson, reminding Morris of the last time they fought as he peels off his shirt. Before the tight-fitting thing is over his head, Morris pounces, targeting Jefferson in the gut in a cruel surprise attack. This is a match of gasping hits, bitch moves, hair-pulling, and crushing, gagging head scissors.And it`s only the beginning...Perhaps the highlight of the entire shoot is the long-awaited match-up of evenly sized Johnny Chan and Zac Morris. Any fan of a fair fight will be drooling to see these two pint-sized gladiators go at each other. The tightness of the competition is apparent from the very first lock-up, which lasts and lasts, as arms and shoulder muscles strain, sweat drips down muscular backs, and two combatants fight to gain the upper hand in a battle that can only be described as nasty. Punching...crotch abuse...humiliating feet in faces...and a litany of threats and trash talk.All these guys are brutal, brave, and full of boyish bravado. If you`re turned on by young, effortlessly sexy, scantily clad, naturally muscular, skilled wrestling professionals rolling, rollicking, and rocking it out without the confines of a ring, this is the shoot for you.