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CAST: Alex Iz, Brett Barnes, Cameron Matthews, Davey Richards, Fade, Ice, Kurt Sterling, Marek Brave, Michael Dasheezits, Nelson Creed, Robert Anthony, Scotty Mac, Tyler Black

DIRECTOR: Taylor Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 5/1/2016

MATCH 1: FADE VS KURT STERLINGMATCH 2: DAVEY RICHARDS VS MAREK BRAVE VS KURT STERLINGMATCH 3: TYLER BLACK VS FADE VS MICHAEL DASHEETZITSMATCH 4: MAREK BRAVE VS BRETT BARNES VS TYLER BLACKMATCH 5: ICE VS SCOTTY MACMATCH 6: ROBERT ANTHONY VS ALEX IZMATCH 7: SCOTTY MAC VS NELSON CREEDThe term "palooza" is one of those indefinable words. It`s not in the dictionary. It`s origins are fuzzy at best. Yet every time the word is used you can`t help but imagine a kick-ass, larger than life, totally banging party. Wrestler-palooza is exactly that! It`s almost indefinable, it`s not in any book, and it rocks! So welcome to Wrestler-Palooza!We start things off right with a rollicking, rule-breaking battle between Fade and Kurt Sterling. Fade saunters into the center of the ring, his banging ass swathed on blue lycra, his pecs and abs clenched in defiance of stunning, tattooed Kurt Sterling, looking equally awesome in black speedos and boots. These guys fight, flail, and rage at each other, until a definite winner is declared and bodies are soaked with sweat.Sterling returns again to face Davey Richards and Marek Brave in a three-way man vs. man vs. man epic adventure brawl. Brave stands tall against Sterling, challenging him to a finger-locked test of strength, with all the grace and baring of a god. Brave is something else in his skimpy red speedo and his flowing mane of dark, waving hair. Cute Dave Richards may be short, but he`s packing quite a lot in his bright blue speedos. He steps up next to challenge Sterling to a test of strength, but Sterling can`t get enough of mocking the shorter stud, sometimes holding his hands up too high, sometimes dropping to his knees in a mockery of Richards` height. But when the lockup finally happens and both fighters go chest-to-chest, Richards gets his revenge. Even so, Marek and Richards might have to team up to defeat super strong Sterling and his muscular fists and thighs of doom.Poor Mikey Dasheezits (who looks something like a younger, paler Chris Evans) was asked the sweep up the ring. Little did he know long-haired Tyler Black and the famous Fade were planning to have a match. Incensed that these guys would dare to enter the ring with their dirty boots while he`s sweeping, the mouthy kid cops an attitude with the pros, who quickly turn on him. What follows is a bullying beating of a bright young boy. But will Dasheezits turn the tables on these rude wrestlers?It`s Brett Barnes and the battle of the long haired hooligans, as Marek Brave and Tyler Black return to the ring to fight each other, and the incredibly sexy Barnes. Alliances are formed. Allegiances change. And three sextacular wrestlers tangle and twist each other into countless painful positions. Some of the hottest action comes when the two long-haired hooligans tie-up in a circle of insults and agony with all the maturity of a pair of middle school boys.Perhaps the most beautiful match of this shoot involves Robert Anthony and Alex IZ. These two guys offer something different for our fans. They`re tall, towering, and incredibly lean and muscular, with mouth-wateringly hot pecs, lats, and biceps. They`re also agile, strong, and very quick on their feet. It`s a privilege to watch them work each other over in long held submission holds. There is very little rope work in this match, just endless, chest-to-chest bear hugs with interwoven legs and epic asses on display in clinging fight shorts. Anthony and IZ are a match made in heaven, and we are the lucky spectators who get to watch them go at it.It`s everything you love about the Cyberfights Series: Tension, torment, total annihilation. What sets this shoot apart from the rest? The party atmosphere, and that indescribable something. It`s all here, with Cyberfights 144: Wrestler-Palooza!