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CAST: Alex Pinchek, Arden Craig, Brett Barnes, Davey Richards, Kurt Sterling, Matt Stryker, Matt Sydal, Mike Dempsey, Robert Anthony, Scotty Mac

DIRECTOR: Taylor Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 1/25/2005

From our Vancouver studios CyberFights delivers #91 of our junior pro wrestling video series featuring 7 kick-ass matches featuring fresh young pro wrestlers all competing for the coveted CyberFights championship belt.MATCH ONE: ALEX PINCHEK VS SCOTTY MAC. Confident, cocky California surfer-looking Mac looking very fit in white tights takes on serious Euro hunk Pinchek geared in red tights. Their bout is hard, fast, and evenly matched, but Pinchek wins with a questionable groin blow and a flying karate kick that takes Mac completely by surprise.MATCH TWO: DAVEY RICHARDS VS BRETT BARNES. Beefier and brawnier Davey Richards in white trunks and Brett Barnes in black trunks are gaining the muscle weight they will need for the pro circuit. Devious show-off Richards goes after Barnes' previously injured left knee and punishes it relentlessly. But Barnes pulls off a surprise cradle lock win over too-confident and pissed off Richards.MATCH THREE: ARDEN CRAIG VS ROBERT ANTHONY. "More to love" and admittedly a few pounds too heavy Craig goes after taller and harder Anthony. Both geared in blue trunks and black boots, Craig uses his extra weight to bully Anthony. Overly confident Craig jumps from the top rope to mash Anthony...but misses. Anthony takes control of a stunned Craig and wrestles him to a pin.MATCH FOUR; MATT SYDAL VS MIKE DEMPSEY. Right after the bell Dempsey in red trunks warns the ref to "Stay out of his business." Hardbody Sydal wearing blue and green tights thinks he might have the advantage over swimmer bodied Sydal. But even with wearing a pooka shell neckstring, Sydal is tougher and more skilled than he looks. And eventually college jock Dempsey caves in to a high back drop over Sydal's knee. Sometimes you can't judge a wrestler by his weight or muscularity...or pooka shells.THREE-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH FIVE: ALEX PINCHEK VS DAVEY RICHARDS VS MATT STRYKER. You know this is going to be an action packed bruiser match from the bell. Euro hunk Pinchek wears white tights. Mouthy show-off Richards wears blue trunks. And beefy Matt Stryker wears purple trunks. Much tuff talk and rough action preceeds Pinchek and Stryker deciding to double team Richards for the brutal pro-longed punishment of Davey Richards. Richards kicks a lot of double butt, but Pinchek and Stryker wear him down concentrating on Richards previously injured left arm. With Richards eliminated, Pinchek and Stryker mouth off in each others' faces. When we rematch these two for the elimination winner, there will be hell to pay.MATCH SIX: BRETT BARNES VS MATT SYDAL. Back for their own match, beefcake Barnes wears blue and black briefs, and gym body Sydal wears blue tights. The hunks test each others strength for bragging rights, but are frustrated at how evenly they're matched. It's hard action give and take until Barnes knocks Sydal out with a killer back head drop.MATCH SEVEN: SCOTTY MAC VS KURT STERLING Like him or hate him, you can't dismiss Scotty Mac's good looks, camera cocky psycology, and wrestling skills. Wearing an outrageous pink and black tank suit, Scotty courts the camera with a semi strip tease before getting into it with tall, cool, and collected Kurt Sterling. Paying too much attention to the camera, Scotty gets his ass kicked early in the match. It looks like a Kurt Sterling surprise win, until Scotty get serious with a fierce kick to Kurt's face. Finaly it's Scotty's win as he gloats into the camera telling Boss Sexton he is going to be the CyberFights champ.Featuring 7 matches, CyberFights 91 is a whole lotta hard fought pro action. Order up.