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CAST: Alex Pinchek ,Brett Barnes ,Davey Richards ,Fast Eddie ,Fast Eddy ,Kurt Sterling ,Lincoln Jones ,Matt Sydal ,Mikey Henderson ,Robert Anthony ,Seth Delay ,Sexxxy Eddie

DIRECTOR: Taylor Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 6/13/2005

7 MATCHES:MATCH 1: LINCOLN JONES VS MATT SYDALMATCH 2: MIKEY HENDERSON VS ROBERT ANTHONY VS MATT SYDALMATCH 3: DAVEY RICHARDS VS SETH DELAYMATCH 4: PINCHEK / RICHARDS VS BARNES / SYDALMATCH 5: ALEX PINCHEK VS SEXXXY EDDYMATCH 6: BRETT BARNES VS KURT STERLING VS ALEX PINCHEKMATCH 7: BRETT BARNES VS FAST EDDIEMATCH 1 LINCOLN JONES vs MATT SYDALBlond crew cut Lincoln Jones comes out confident in red tights. Too good looking to be a good wrestler Matt Sydal in blue tights and an eight-pak....looks impressive. From their first lock-up both wrestlers shows the other all his moves to impress him. And we see some very impressive moves. As their flashy moves get more serious, their tempers get shorter, and we get to see some top notch high flying action. Trading stomach kicks, both wrestlers hunker down. But soon Sydal puts Jones way out with a free-fall face splat on to the canvas, immediately followed by a skull splitting cannon ball head drop. Lincoln Jones may never recognize himself. A one fall match goes to Sydal.MATCH 2 "Champ" MIKEY HENDERSON vs MATT SYDAL vs ROBERT ANTHONYThree-way mat madness with L.A. belt holder Mikey Henderson, built like a Sequoia tree stump, who`s favorite wrestling move is the "bitch slap".....against 6`4", 220 pound big boy Robert Anthony....against pretty boy Matt Sydal. Giving up over 35 pounds to both Henderson and Anthony, the pretty boy might need a facial after this match. They rough it up...sparring to see who`s gonna get double teamed. It`s a pleasure to watch these men demonstrate to you why all of them could aspire someday to the WWE. Top talent from Cyberfights. With showy ease, Sydall throws both his oponents out of the ring, then takes a high risk running suicide dive over the top rope down on top of very surprised Henderson and Anthony. There`s more tuff action. All three wrestlers still on the assault. Watch Robert Anthony show you some star moves befor he and Henderson team up to totally ruin pretty boy`s day. Together they hoist pretty boy off the floor by his wrists and ankles....making an inverted back cracker hammock out of him. No man can break or sustain this hold. Matt Sydal submits in this one fall match-up.MATCH 3 DAVEY RICHARDS vs SETH DELAYGrandstander Davey Richards geared in black trunks and boots...runs his mouth from the git go. Seth Delay comes across a little soft and wearing way too much stretchy baby blue gear...with the letters K O O L stamped across his ass. Davey Richards does manage some wardrobe comments. Richards appears cocky thinking this will be a quick squash job. But baby blue not only holds his own...but gives Davey boy a couple of close counts. Blue pulls off some impressive high flyers until one backfires on him helping Davey snatch a very lucky victory. Richards takes the one fall match with a pin.MATCH 4 ALEX PINCHEK & DAVEY RICHARDS vs BRETT BARNES & MATT SYDAL.Cyberfights` popular rowdy Russian Alex Pinchek and glory hound Davey Richards waste no time bending the rules against 5` 8" Texas bull Brett Barnes and Matt Sydal....who`s still lookin` good! These are two formidable teams who speed shift into high energy pro action. They deliver tuff athletic testimony to Cyberfight`s promise of bringing you the best pro-wrestling product. Shouldn`t Cyberfights become a public event? Anyhow, all four fight hard intil Davey gets some illegal assistance from partner Davey Richards. They each grab an ankle and split spread pretty boy Matt`s long legs like a chicken wishbone. Pinchek and Richards take the one fall tag team match with a submission from Matt Sydal.MATCH FIVE SEXXXY EDDIE vs ALEX PINCHEKOnly a mother could love Sexxxy Eddie`s personality, personna, behavior, and mouth. You either like the Sexxxy One or not... but don`t sell him short. Wrestling for Eddie is one a winner, and one half show biz. Eddie`s one man show soon wears thin for Pinchek who roughens things up going after Eddie with Gorbechek gusto. But Pinchek`s anger eventually loses the match for him. Foxey Sexxxy Eddie takes the roudy Russian for a backwards Sputnik ride spine breaker from the top of a ring corner. Splat on his back. Sexxxy pulls Pinchek`s legs up into a half cradle for the three count. Sexxxy Eddie earns the one fall match win over Alex Pinchek.MATCH 6 BRETT BARNES vs KURT STERLING vs ALEX PINCHECK.More three-way ego action with good looking, confident appearing Kurt Sterling as the new man on the mat. At the bell, Kurt roars out of his corner startleing and taking both Barnes and Pincheck by surprise. Kurt looks very impressive in a series of high flying kicks that keep both his opponents picking themselves up off the mat. But you can sense disaster coming. Barnes and Pinchek aren`t going to take kurt`s insult abuse very long. They soon double team young Mr Sterling and take him on a very punishing trip to hell and back. Approaching the ultra squash finale with a barrage of split leg ball crunchers, Barnes spreads Kurt out for a high altitude top rope body splat by Pinchek. Kurt doesn`t move. For awhile. Barnes and Pinchek win an easy team squash from Kurt Sterling.MATCH 7 FAST EDDIE vs BRETT BARNESNever to be confused with Sexxxy Eddie, Texas boy Fast Eddie takes his match with Brett Barnes more seriously. Eddie and Brett are pretty evenly matched exchanging some rough give-and-take action. They show off and reverse some skilled in-and-out-of-trouble arm holds. Both wrestlers compete for time wasting camera mugging... but when they wrestle, they mean business. Brett steals the show with a high flying top rope back flip body slam...that puts the fast one out for the a hundred.