Down in The Dungeon 2 DVD

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CAST: Cam Zagucci, Guido Genatto

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 2/21/2019

Starring: Cam Zagucci, Guido Genatto

Soft cutie Can Zagucci just can’t take a hint, can he? He’s been beaten and battered in the dungeon by Zack Reno, who is his equal in size. Now he’s got the nerve to stand up to “Filthy Father” Guido Genatto? The kid must be crazy. Guido finds it amusing that the kid is here to “rassle,” and he shows his amusement by cranking the kid's arm so hard he turns pink, then tosses him onto the oily mats.

Cam staggers in his black, shiny trunks, trying desperately to work a hammerlock on the hairy god. Guido headlocks Cam, pulling him fiercely into his hairy manpec, while dishing out that sexy trademark Guido Genatto trash talk.

“I wanna fuckin’ TOSS you! How’s that fuckin’ feel?” Cam is hurdled through the air and laid out on his back, where Guido can easily smack his tender, soft abdomen. The barefoot men tangle in sensual attitudes, as the hairy man demonstrates a perfectly executed hammer lock that has Cam throwing his head back in agonized ecstasy.

Cam is pressed against the wall, his manhood crushed by clawing hands. Legs twist around necks, bare feet wrap around heads, and both men are left exhausted. But only one man is the true man...the clawing jaguar king.