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DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 10/1/2014

Are you ready? Welcome to our world of pain. It's an all new series, entirely focused on the concept of suffering. Specifically, just how much of it any one wrestler can stand. These guys aren't messing around. So step into the yellow-roped ring and watch bodybuilders, thugs, and pros beat each other senseless, twist each other into painful positions, and fight it out with dirty moves and damaging tactics. A stunning pair stands nose-to-nose, staring each other down. One is long-haired pretty boy Nick Blackwell. The other is muscle god Brian Cage. From the moment this match starts, there's a feeling of electricity coursing through the ring as these massive men dare one another to fight like never before. How do you even start to describe Brian Cage? The word bodybuilder sells him short. He's so much more than that. Arms, the size of his head. Trapezius muscles bulge magnificently between powerful neck and shoulders. A torso so solid a single gut punch would hurt the attacker, not the attacked. And thighs so massive and unyielding they are not to be believed. This is every man's ideal physique. This is the competition one fantasizes about beating. Every inch of him is hard, heavy, solid, and strong. This is the body the Roman sculptors were trying to immortalize is stone. This is Brian Cage. As for Nick Blackwell, he's no slouch. But standing in the shadow of Brian Cage, he's got a lot to live up to. Maybe that's why he starts the match off with a series of verbal taunts and jabs, calling the bulging bodybuilder names like "monkey". A double handed shove from Cage sends pretty boy Blackwell reeling. A crushing headlock envelops Blackwell, as Cage flips him over and lans his full weight into the smaller wrestler. The word "Adrenaline" lingers over the ring, scrawled in yellow paint on the black warehouse walls, almost mocking the foolish Blackwell for even thinking to step into the ring with Cage. Black, leather booted feet kick and struggle, until they lock around the bigger studs neck. The pretty boy has the upper hand. The giant has fallen, head trapped between the smaller man's pinched thighs. It isn't long before the "gorilla", as Blackwell calls him, returns the favor. Tap-outs don't seem to count in this world, as men turn red in suffocating agony. Floor holds are lifted into standing holds, which blossom into gut punches. There is very little running around, bouncing off or ropes, dancing around. This is a symphony of long held holds, face-to-face, torso-to-torso, arms wrapped tightly around heads and waists. Booted feet press down on throats and chests, while the suffering flail and beg. Perhaps the most gratifying moment comes when Cage laces Blackwell's supple body through the ropes by pulling on his long, lustrous hair. Blackwell moans in agony as Cage's fingers release his hair and enter Blackwell's mouth in a punishing fishhook. Later Cage's unbelievable arms clamp around Blackwell's torso and simply don't let go, leaving the weaker man no choice but to kick, moan, and eventually just let it happen. "Big smiles," prompts the muscle god, as he clamps his arms around Blackwell's neck in a suffering camel, before he grinds the pretty boy's face into the floor, pressing down on his legs with merciless, astonishing strength. A torturous, rolling figure four...a hair-pulling camel clutch...a knee-crushing leg twist broken up by a solid and vicious kick to the head that sees both men crawling to their respective corners in pain and shock. Lycra, muscles, and so much suffering, including a devastating sleeper so overpowering it's almost tender. "I told you you're gonna suffer..." You're not ready.