Punished and Sleepered 3

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CAST: Will Ferrara, Rhett Titus

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 8/5/2016

Lean, lupine Rhett Titus locks up with Will Ferrara, after first mocking his “brillo pad” hair. Titus isn’t one to take shit from anybody, so he clutches Titus tightly and rubs said brillo pad against Titus’ bewildered face.

Soon Titus is trapped, kicking and straining within Ferrara’s clenched thighs. Titus wriggles free, almost locks on a camel clutch, but Ferrara ain’t hearin’ it! Suddenly they’re on their feet again, but not for long as Ferrara succeeds in catching Titus in a hot nelson, forcing Titus to respond with his own brand of ab punching, thigh crushing dominance.

“You see the size of these thighs?” Titus crows, as Ferrara suffers in his grip. Ferrara manages to finally gain that camel clutch, only to transform it into a furious back breaker that sees Titus’ face trapped beneath Ferrara’s armpit.

Titus bounces back again, practically tying up his opponent with his own muscular arms. Astonishingly, Ferrara uses his incredible strength to rise up and return the favor, twisting Titus into his own punishing hold.

Watch as these two outstanding athletes beat and batter each other from one end of the ring to the other, in an action packed back-and-forth battle that ends with one killer fighter tapping for dear life, only to be sleepered into total humiliating submission!