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CAST: Chasyn Rance, Will Ferrara

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 7/26/2017

Simply reading the names of our two combatants should send you reeling. It doesn’t get any better than Chasyn Rance and Will Ferrara! We’re talking about two massive, skilled, sexy as fuck fighters with muscles that literally cast shadows. As Rance disinfects the ring, Ferrara is gunning for the first lockup, tossing that mutton-chop trimmed head like a lion on the savannah.

That first lockup is nothing short of breathtaking, as powerfully built pros collide, like boulders on the mountaintop. Rance manages to secure the first painful hold around Ferrara’s neck, but Ferrara playfully wriggles free, crushing Rance’s tanned and toned abs with a level of ferocity that is only matched by Rance’s own execution of the exact same hold.

Each posture, each attitude, each glorious frame looks like a pair of Grecian statues locked in an eternal struggle, so primed, pumped, and powerful are these two well-matched masochists. Ferrara catches Rance in a standing full nelson like something out of an old-timey wrestling manuel. Rance returns the favor with a brutal camel. Sweaty bodies struggle, twist, wrench, and pull against one another in a seemingly never-ending struggle between two perfectly-matched brother battlers.

If you want to sit back and enjoy two of the most proficient athletes in this business do what they do best against an opponent of equal skill and strength, this is the match for you. Watching these guys go at it is like a character study in physical perfection from the first forceful frame to the last.